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… Mona Lisa Selfie


… Goth-Rock Mona Lisa

... Goth-Rock Mona Lisa

According to Dan Brown in the Da Vinci Code, Mona Lisa was Leonardo himself, dressed and grimmed like a woman…

The painter would laugh from beyond to see Marilyn Manson as The Joconde…

… Mona Lisa

... Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa, 2011, 120 x 80 cm. (Vlada Krassilnikova / Galerie Orel Art) – Art Paris Art Fair 2012. Source : Nouvel Obs.

The most enigmatic painted character of the world still inspire today’s artists. In my former blogs, I used to show different pics of her – I’ll post some soon. This one is interesting as we can imagine how she could be as a child.

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